24hr Baseball Glove/Mitt Break-In Service

We will finish breaking in your glove to a 95% level.  We provide a 6 point middle infield (SS & 2nd) break-line or a 5 point general player break-line service.

The middle infield break-in lines provide for a quick ball transfer and the outer field/outfield break-in lines provide for a more secure fielding of the ball.  We don't use steam, chemicals, or ovens..We have developed a proprietor method that is quick but does not damage the leather. 

We use no water-it makes the glove heavier and dries it out, no steam-it weakens the laces, no ovens-it weakens the leather and laces, no oils-they stain the glove

We specialize in Wilson, Rawlings, Easton, 44, Nike, Rico, Mizuno, Bradley gloves, and mitts.