24 hr Glove Break-In Service

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We will break in and shape the pocket of your glove to a 90% game-ready level. 

1) We set the correct PH level for the leather. 2) We shape the pocket to maximize the design of the glove. 3) We soften the leather by hand to make it playable and game-ready. We provide a multi-hinge break-in on all gloves.  

The middle infield break-in process provides for a quick ball transfer and the outfielder's break-in process provides for a more secure fielding of the ball.  24hr-48hr turnaround.

We professionally break in: Wilson, Rawlings, 44, Rico, Easton, Nokona, Nike, Mizuno, Bradley, Akadema, and others.  

Please ship your Glove/Mitt after checkout to:

Wild West Leather

Att: Abel Bertaud

509 Elm Street, Suite 100

Dallas, Texas 75202- (Include your order# or write it on the box...)