24 hr Softball Glove & Mitt Break-In Service-Order Here

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We specialize in breaking in most performance brands of Softball Gloves & Mitts including: Wilson, Rawlings, Easton, Mizuno, Marucci, Bradley, Nokona, Rico, Franklin, Ridiculous Youth and, (44 gloves only). LISTED BRANDS

Leather recommendations for a Game Ready Break-In.

Cowhide 7U-15U...Steerhide-KIP 16U+.........

*Call for brands NOT listed above before ordering*

Let us break in your glove to a 90% GAME READY level.  We provide a 10-point, DOUBLE-HINGE POCKET INVERSION break-in which is recommended by leading manufacturers.   

The manufacturer's specified double hinge break-in provides for a quick ball transfer, a BIGGER POCKET, and offers a more secure fielding of the ball.  We don't use steam, boiling water, chemicals, Vaseline, or ovens. We have developed a proprietor method that corrects the leather's PH level and adds leather proteins lost in the tanning process, offering a quick break-in without damaging the leather or internal palm pad. *Break-in results are superior with 100% leather gloves/mitts and age-appropriate models.* Please ship your Glo

1)Place the order online

2)Ship to the address shown in the checkout process, include a copy of the order in the box and/or write the order# on the box. 

  1. We will email back a UPS return tracking# 2-3 working days after the glove arrives and is shipped back Game Ready! 
  2. Review the FAQ Icon on our home page for complete shipping/tracking instructions