Break-in instructions for the Xtreme and Stinger Series

Most big box glove companies spray their gloves with chemicals to make the leather last longer. It also prevents the player from getting the perfect break in and causes the inside layer to rot over time due to sweat. Our gloves are not treated with harsh chemicals and thus need to be broken in in a particular way. 

BullhideUSA recommends the following instructions to ensure a positive breakin experience with your new glove or mitt. 

We do not recommend the typical big box store break-in products has they contain harsh chemicals that can bleed the leather color. We also do not recommend putting the glove in the microwave or oven at any time. 

Xtreme series only

For best results with the Xtreme series : Rub the glove/mitt lightly with mink oil. Let sit for 1 hour. Place in dryer on the delicate setting together with a damp hand towel. Turn on dryer for 2-3 minutes, then play catch with the glove. Put a baseball in the glove when not in use and wrap with a couple of rubber bands or belt. Repeat the dryer process (with out the mink oil) every time you play catch until yo feel the glove is broken to your satisfaction. 

Stinger Series only