24hr-48hr Baseball Catcher's Mitt Break In Service

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 (No morninf=gWe professionally break in: Wilson, Rawlings, Rico, Easton, Nokona, Mizuno, Bradley, AllStar, Marucci and 44 HND models...Baseball or Softball.

Allow us to break in and shape the pocket of your Catchers Mitt to a 90% game-ready level. 1) First, we set the correct PH leather level and add leather proteins to the leather. 2) Second, we shape the pocket with a 10-point DOUBLE-HINGE method to maximize the manufacturer's pocket design. 3) Third, we condition the leather to last a 12-month playing timeframe.  *Break-in results are superior with 100% leather mitts and age-appropriate models.*     

*Call for brands not listed above before ordering*

Catchers Mitts turnaround averages 48 hours turn

Please ship your Glove/Mitt after checkout to:

Bullhide Glove Break-In
509 Elm Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75202 
(Overnight morning signature deliveries not recommended)
(Include your order# or write it on the box or your shipment will be delayed...)
Tel 817-966-1651 **We do not service Wilson's College Level "Spin Control"  A2K MD1SS Baseball Catcher's mitt due to its "Double Palm Construction", Japanese Zett Catcher models, Akademas or Absolutely Ridiculous -Adult Bible Verse Mitts..  We DO service Ridiculous youth ice cream mitts..Please call if you have any Q's regarding these models. 
  1. Place the order online
  2. Ship to the address shown in the checkout process, **include a copy of the order in the box or write the order # on the box**. Review the FAQ Icon on our homepage after checkout for complete shipping/tracking instructions.
  3. We will email back a UPS return tracking# 2-4 working days after the mitt arrives and is shipped back.