Glove Break In Service Specializing in Wilson/Rawlings..Infield/OF/Catcher

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We will finish breaking in your glove to a 90% level. Throw and catch sessions by the player will finish the job. We provide a 6 point middle infield (SS & 2nd) break-in or a 5 point break-in for OF/FB.

The middle infield break-in process provides for a quick ball transfer and the outfielder's break-in process provides for a more secure fielding of the ball.  7 day turn around time.    

Catchers Mitts take about 10 days and will be returned with a 75% break-in. 

All gloves and mitts are sprayed with a leather protector to keep your Glove or Mitt looking new throughout the season. 

Please ship your Glove/Mitt after checkout to:  

Wild West Leather

Att: Abel Bertaud

509 Elm Street, Suite 100

Dallas, Texas 75202

Tel 817-966-1651,