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We specialize in High-Performance Break-ins for Wilson, Rawlings, Easton,  Mizuno, Marucci, Bradley, Rico, and Nokona gloves/mitts. Baseball and Softball. (We don't service Akadema/ Absolutely Ridiculous Bible Verse Novelty  gloves/mitts..We do service Absolutely Ridiculous regular aniline leather   gloves/mitts).

*Call for brands listed NOT above before ordering*

Let us break in your glove to a 90% GAME READY* level (age appropriate glove required).  We provide a 10-point, Double-Hinge Inversion break-in which is recommended by Wilson and other large manufacturers. 

The manufacturer's specified double hinge break-in provides for a quick ball transfer, and a BIGGER POCKET, and offers a more secure fielding of the ball.  We don't use steam, boiling water, chemicals, Vaseline, or ovens. We have developed a proprietor method that corrects the leather's PH level, offering a quick break-in without damaging the leather or internal palm pad. *Break-in results are superior with 100% leather gloves/mitts and age-appropriate models.*  

Please ship your Glove/Mitt after checkout to:
Bullhide Glove Break-In
509 Elm Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75202- (Include your order# or write it on the box...)
Tel 817-966-1651
  1. Place the order online 
  2. Ship to the address shown in the checkout process, include a copy of the order in the box, and or write the order #on the box.  
  3. We will email back a UPS/USPS return tracking# 24-48 hours (does not include weekends and holidays) after the glove arrives and is shipped back Game Ready! Please use your carrier's notification system to verify delivery to our shop..See the FAQ icon on our homepage for drop-off/tracking instructions.