Venom KIP Leather/Deerskin Hybrid Infielders Baseball Glove

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-Venom Spider Platinum Pro Infielders glove  11.5 inches 

-Extra Deerskin palm padding helps control sweat and is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is the best feeling and best performing baseball palm in the market today. 

-Our lightweight Japanese KIP Leather glove construction is 20% lighter than most gloves

-Exclusive 3 tone design 

-Right Throw

-Shell Leather: Kipskin 
-Lining: Deerskin
-Lace: 100 lb. Tensile Strength
-Padding: 100% Wool
-Target Players: Elite
-Glove Break In: 60% Factory/40% Player

Deerskin gloves are exceptionally comfortable to play in and have an elastic quality to them. The leather is soft and supple with a naturally dimpled yet plump texture that makes them look good. Because of its elastic nature, deerskin gloves generally fit your hand better by adapting to your hand and fingers more readily than cowhide and other popular and common types of leather. Deerskin lines baseball gloves are more form-fitting in nature, they help to keep out cold air, moisture, and other natural elements.

Deerskin-Exceptionally Durable Leather

Deerskin gloves also are very durable and have a great deal of abrasion resistance despite being a naturally soft leather. They don’t tear or rip easily and provide superior protection for your hands.  Because of their durable quality, deerskin gloves are ideal inlays for baseball gloves that protect your hands equally well against heat, cold and sweat.

Greater Finger Dexterity

Another great advantage deerskin gloves have over cowhide and other competing leathers is its superior dexterity. The leather stretches to your hand shape offering the best performance possible. 

Better Drying Characteristics

If you are like most serious baseball players, you will encounter rain sooner or later. When you are playing with  KIP/deerskin gloves, that rain isn’t such a bother. The leather remains tight and soft while wet and keeps your hands warm. Yet, when the rain goes away and the sun comes out, your gloves will stay soft instead of hardening like cowhide and other types of leather gloves often do. Hybrid leather make our KIP-Deerskin gloves some of the best all-weather baseball gloves in the market today.